Tuesday, April 17, 2007

the 3rd day

today, rageshri's morning class and lecture were cancelled because they were busy safe'ifying the mirrors (so they wouldn't fall on us any more). so we took that time to study outside in the sun. that's ron from the john's landing studio on the left, and justin from fremont leading us through it.
rageshri gave us an abridged version of her lecture, then bikram showed us some crazy shit with his stomach. more introductions too, and we're still not all the way done.
bikram's teaching style still irritates me, and the slippery carpet is the bain of my existence, but im sure i will grow to love them soon. in final savasana, bikram played a song from his CD called "i'm lonely" and everyone just started laughing. it was a nice release after class.

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Anonymous said...

Honestly Bikram’s teaching style never really grew on me. I almost might miss it now that it’s all said and done, almost. Stay away from the mirrors so you come home in one piece. Sending you lots of love. Krista