Thursday, April 26, 2007

stretch forward, touch the mirror, hold up the mirror. nearing the end of the second week

today, instead of going to the evening class, we had (and by had, i mean it was mandatory and they took attendance) to go to barnes & nobel for the release / book signing for bikram's new book. we got there all early like they said, and then were at the beginning of the line to get our free signed book (and i had him make it out to ErinCakes, by the way) and get home, but apparently someone had been wondering around handing out number tickets. so we were booted out of line, only to be given tickets #310 and #311 (out of 315). i was SO frustrated. we're already sleep deprived. oh well.
last night was the second night of bikram's lectures until past 1am. they are pretty interesting, but sometimes i just have no idea what he's talking about. the end of the story included a woman giving birth through her ear, and then she gave birth to a meat ball. shannon (from NE) and i were joking about this a lot today, which was nice. i kept on egging shannon on to have bikram sign her boobs, but she decided it wasn't the best idea.
so far, i still really like training. even though i hate class and hate bikram sometimes during class, it's okay. actually part of the reason we didn't have class tonight was so they could install the REAL heater in the room, so tomorrow is going to be the first really hot day (we have been heating the room with an elaborate system of about 50 teensy ceramic space heaters all plugged in w/ extension cords around the room), so that should be interesting.
i am still really struggling with other people now more than ever. last night we got the karma yoga lecture, which was basically about how karma yoga is our destiny; we are all put on this earth to accomplish something and make it better. well, i've decided that one guy's karma yoga is to be a giant douche bag (and by douche bag, i mean turd sandwich). this guy (i call him Las Vegas) is in his mid 40s and prances around with no shirt or an unbottoned shirt constantly. he makes LAME jokes at every opprotunity and was even fighting with our amazing anatomy teacher today over what we're going to be tested on. E V E R Y lecture, he sets up his chair and pillows to immediately fall asleep, and he leaves the room for 25 minutes to walk around because he's bored. last night, he started snoring 4 times during the lecture. anyway, after class i bolted for the elevator and was holding it because i was the first one there. then last vegas showed up and was like "go go go get us out of here" and i said no, we should wait for others because the elevators take SO long. so he kept saying "go go go" over and over while i waited for others and then he made some snyde remark about my karma yoga. i nearly lost it! he was fucking ASLEEP during the whole lecture, and the breif moments he was awake he was mocking bikram. UGH! i guess i should be glad he is in my life, because now no one else gets to me but him. so at least my anger is concentrated :-)


Anonymous said...

should get paid this.. It's called modeling..bikram or no bikram!

Christyogini said...

No Kidding. When I first saw the pic, I thought, "Cool, Erin got to meet some famous actress that was at the book signing with Bikram." You are GLOWING.

Anonymous said...

Dear Erin,

You have a great blog! For those of us that have loved ones who are missing in action through the end of June becasue they are there with you, your blog is our best link to them. Keep writing about the classes and posting pictures. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your doing this.!

Cheri said...

Thanks for writing this.