Saturday, April 14, 2007

finally i'm here

after much freaking and stressing out, i finally made it to honolulu. the trip was difficult to say the least.
right now, i'm staying at a hostel right on waikiki beach. all i can tell about my roommates for these 2 nights is that they're australian, and they like to yell drunkenly from the balcony at 4am. they seem like a lot of fun though.

today i am going to explore waikiki as much as possible, and hopefully meet up with the other oregonians. i'll write more about it later tonight and post more photos on my flickr account


Anonymous said...

So glad you made it I was just thinking about you. Have a great day tomorrow I’ll be thinking of you!!
Love Krista

Riana said...

Hey Erin! Congrats on making it to Hawaii!! I can't believe you're there! You rock! Can I live vicariously thru you? I can't wait to see pictures! Sending lots of love out across the Pacific!!