Saturday, April 21, 2007

we are 1/9 of the way done!

the first week went by pretty fast. i actually am really enjoying training so far. the only thing i've really struggled with so far is craig's awkward pose. yesterday, he said the word 'failure' during the posture, and it REALLY stuck with me. when i fell out of awkward, standing bow and balancing stick, all i heard was 'failure, failure, failure.' i asked him about his motive behind using that word, and he had a quip of a response, so i said "i suppose that's fair, but i know a lot of people were really affected by it.' and he said "of course its fair i'm the teacher." *sigh* but i still like him, even tough he takes on this tough, ass-hole sorta role. he is only a douche bag when people do things he has said not to do. he made a girl cry today, but that was mostly her fault because she brought a glass jar (not allowed!) into the room, dropped it and it shattered all over the floor where we practice and are constantly in bare feet. the no-glass thing has been reiterated daily! i mean, c'mon! i honestly can't wait for bikram to go off on someone wearing green, because people do every day and he asks us not to every day.
so clearly you can see that my struggle is with other people, and not bikram or really craig. bikram's teaching is growing on me, because he tells funny stories and makes me laugh a lot. he does yell at people, but that is only when he corrects them once, twice, and they keep doing it wrong while standing right in front of him. i was really affected by 2 women next to me during the introductions, who were writing notes like "im so bored kill me!!!" while a man was talking about his non-Hodgekins Lymphoma going into remission and chemo therapy and he was crying because he came SO near death. i wanted to yell at those women! people here are still so rude to each other and want to fight craig and bikram over everything, but i just need to realize they are detracting from their own experience and not let them affect mine.
at least i lucked out and have a cool roommate. her name is Charm and she is Indian but grew up in singapore. she treats bikram as a guru and explains to me things about india and indian culture, which has helped me understand bikram a lot better.
i'm not too sore yet, but my soreness is in weird places - the outsides of my calf muscles, and the muscles that cover my rib cage between my scapulae and my hip. those have even started cramping up during standing bow, fun! and my lower spine aches all the time, and i've even started developing visible bruises on my spine, which is strange. but at least a mirror hasn't fallen on me yet :-)


Christyogini said...

whoo-hoo, you finished Week One! Congratulations! And I have to say, props to you for your fearlessness with Craig. I was so afraid of him that I didn't dare speak to him, and you are unafraid to strike up a convo or make him laugh while delivering a posture. You rock. And, btw, I really like Craig too- liked him from the very start. He's sort of forced to take on the ass-hole role, like you said. If he didn't, there'd be chaos with him trying to be buddies with all the trainees. I'll be so interested to hear how your thoughts on everything change as the weeks go by. You have such the right attitude. Enjoy your Sunday!!!

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