Wednesday, April 18, 2007

the beginning of posture clinic

Today we started the first of many posture clinic sessions. bikram sat in a lawn chair and watched as each person said the dialogue in the microphone to 4 demonstrators. i was about the 12th in line to go and we feeling pretty okay about it. then the first guy choked, then the second and third. i started freaking out. before i knew it, it was my turn. i introduced myself and as i turned around, i noticed craig (director of teacher training) standing there ready to demonstrate. as i began, he started making faces, held his hands and arms wrong, and exaggerated all the corrections i gave him. i tried the best i could, and then said in the microphone "if you think this is hard sir then just wait until we get to the 2nd part of awkward pose." he laughed, i laughed, i dont remember if bikram laughed, but then craig left and i continued. i got all the way through the posture, but i don't even remember what i said. bikram said "dat was okay" and then told a story but i dont remeber what it was about. something involving the goatskin carpet in his bentley.

then i demonstrated as my roommate delivered. I also demonstrated for Erika from Corvallis, and she did perfect, but bikram was mean and i could tell she REALLY took it to heart. Last was a woman who has been an ER doctor for 25 years and she was shaking the entire time. it was amazing to see a woman whose job is saving lives at critical times get so scared. her job is life and death, and bikram is just a man like any other she has saved in the hospital.

Tonight's class was okay, except the fasteneres they installed are coming out of the walls so the mirros are falling again. And also, the fire alarm went off at 2am this morning, then over the PA system they told us in every language possible, 3 times, that everything was okay.

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Christyogini said...

Erin! It's Christy from Sellwood. Congrats on getting through half moon, which I think is the hardest because it's in front of Bikram! And not only that, but you had Craig demonstrating, trying to make you laugh so early in the game? And you handled it like a pro.
It's fascinating to read your blog because even for those of us who've been through training, the whole Hawaii scene is completely new.
We miss you here. Stay well!